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First and foremost, welcome and thank you for choosing to be part of my studio!

My hope is that learning a new instrument and making music will bring some curiosity and excitement to your homes. Taking piano lessons is not only about learning a new skill, but can also be an amazing outlet and way to express yourself!

If you'd like to know a little bit about me please check out the About Ms. Camille page.

A few things to highlight before filling out the form below:

  • The form below is to help add you into my studio scheduling program, My Music Staff, where you can track your lessons, track practice, occasionally download materials for lessons, etc. If you have more than one student enrolling, please fill out a second registration form. You will then receive an email to create a login for My Music Staff. To access the login port in the future, please go to the My Music Staff page and bookmark it so you always have access. Click here >> My Music Staff

  • Swap List - Please read about the Swap List, a tool to help you swap lesson times with other students for the week to avoid missing a lesson. For more information click here >> READ MORE

  • Certificate of Merit - Please read more about Certificate of Merit, a yearly piano exam, if you are unfamiliar with the program to figure out if you are interested in participating by clicking here >> READ MORE

  • Student Spotlight - We have a space on our website highlighting the dedication and musicianship of our students, please take a look here! >> Student Spotlight 

Again, I sincerely thank you for your interest in being a part of my studio and I look forward to making music with you this year!



Ms. Camille

Ms. Camille's
Piano Studio Policy

Studio Policy

This policy is an agreement between Ms. Camille Vargas, students and parents/guardians who have signed up for lessons any time during the 2023-2024 studio year (September 2023-August 2024).

All students who enroll in piano lessons with Ms. Camille agree to the following:




  • An acoustic or digital piano with a proper bench - An acoustic piano is greatly preferred as there are sounds, touches, and approaches that cannot be duplicated on a digital piano. However, if you choose to buy a digital piano you will need one with the following specifications:

    • 88, touch-sensitive, weighted keys, furniture stand (not a cross stand), 2 pedals minimum that are attached to the stand (no free floating pedals). If you need recommendations please contact me and I will give you a few current options.

    • Keyboards with 88 keys are okay to start with, but will be asked to upgraded when deemed necessary by your teacher 

  • Your piano placed in a quiet space - It is difficult to hear and concentrate on both ends of the call when there is excessive amplified noise in the background.

  • A fully charged phone, tablet or computer with a camera suitable for online lessons

  • All books and music assigned to you

  • A pencil (not pen)

Upon request, you will also need:

  • A stand for phone, tablet, or computer

  • A notebook dedicated specifically to piano

  • A binder dedicated specifically to piano

  • A metronome


Tuition guarantees that your teacher will be present at your assigned time slot every week between September through August (with the exception of scheduled breaks that typically follow most academic calendars, please see Scheduling for a complete list of scheduled breaks). 



Tuition is based on a yearly total amount divided into 12 equal monthly payments (just like dance classes, sports teams, gym memberships, etc.) This means every month is billed the same amount no matter how many lessons are held within that month. Tuition fees are based upon enrollment, not attendance.

Want to know what tuition covers? Click Here

30-Minute Lessons


45- Minute Lessons


60-Minute Lessons


Payment Due: 1st of every month

Late Fee: $25 if payment is not received by the 7th of the month

Lessons will be placed on hold if payment is not received by the 7th and will resume upon payment. If there are excessive late payments, automatic payments will be required.

No refunds, prorating, or credits given.


Credit, debit, or PayPal


 - Early Time Slot Discount - A 5% discount to your monthly tuition will be applied if you have a lesson time of 2:30 PM or earlier. (Limited amount of time slots available)

- Refer a Friend Discount - A 5% discount will be applied to one month of lessons for every referral that signs up and takes at least one month of lessons.


The studio year runs from September through August with scheduled breaks that typically follow most academic calendars. Piano lessons are not available on scheduled holiday breaks and personal days scheduled by your teacher.

Scheduled breaks include:

Thanksgiving Break: November 19 - 25

Winter Break: December 24 - January 6

President's Week: February 18 - 24

4th of July Break: July 1 - 6

+2 absences/unscheduled vacation calculated into tuition for you

+1 week of absences/unscheduled vacation calculated into tuition for your teacher


Level 1 (or equivalent) Students: 30-45 minute lessons are recommended

Level 2+ (or equivalent) Students: 45-60 minute lessons are required

Certificate of Merit Students: 45-60 minute lessons are required (See About Certificate of Merit for more information)


Students are not guaranteed the same time slot year-round, but your teacher works diligently to try to make a schedule that can accommodate everyone’s preferred schedule as best as possible. 

If you need a permanent time slot change, please give your teacher at least two weeks’ notice. Schedule changes may not be honored if the schedule does not permit, but your teacher will do her best to accommodate any changes needed or will notify you if the change becomes possible in the future.


Please remember tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance and your tuition pays for far more than just lesson time with the student, therefore makeup lessons are not provided unless extreme emergencies arise (ER visits or death in the family).


Because I know absences are unavoidable sometimes, you will receive two weeks off per year besides regularly scheduled breaks (usually taken during spring break and summer, but may be taken any time during the year). These 2 absences are already calculated into the tuition, so by taking these weeks off you are not missing out on any paid lessons. If you do not need these weeks off then you will simply receive two free lessons for the year! 

Your teacher will receive one week off for the year and will usually take this during the end of summer, but may take it any time during the year. Again, this is already figured into the tuition, so you will not be missing any paid lessons.

If a student misses a lesson beyond their first 2 free absences, they will simply miss the benefit of a lesson for that week. However, you have many options to avoid missing a lesson:

  • Swap List - This is the number one option students use. By opting in to the Swap List, you are given the opportunity to switch lesson times with another student within the same week if needed so you do not miss out on your weekly lesson. (See Swap List for more information)

  • Cancellation List – You may opt to be placed on a cancellation list instead. If another student cancels their lesson for the week you may be given the option of filling this spot. There is no guarantee these spots will be available, but your teacher will do her best to notify you in order of cancelation as soon as an opening becomes available. In order for the whole studio to benefit from this option, please be courteous and let your teacher know well in advance if you have to miss a lesson.

  • Send your teacher a video recording of the student's weekly assignments before your scheduled lesson time. Your teacher will use your lesson time to review your video(s) and send feedback and new assignments for the week. 

  • Simply call to chat about you or your child’s progress during your reserved time slot.

If your teacher is absent for a scheduled lesson, the lessons will be rescheduled.

Non-emergency excuses that will not be given makeup lessons include, but are not limited to:

  • Vacations – you may not skip payment, prorate or receive makeup lessons for lessons missed due to vacations that do not fall on studio scheduled holiday breaks.

  • Extracurricular activities – scheduled lessons missed due to other practices, concerts, or games are not provided makeup lessons, but you may use the Swap List if you opted in to avoid missing your weekly lesson

  • Broken bones – Lessons will be held unless it is impossible to sit at the piano bench or do not have use of either arm. During this time, we will work on theory, ear training, or technique of the usable hand.

  • No-shows/late arrivals – If you are late you are still able to have the remainder of your scheduled time, but will not go past your reserved time slot.

  • Forgetting your lesson day/time

  • Did not have time to practice – this is still an opportunity to discuss and practice new and effective practice habits.


Please speak with your teacher if the student is showing decreased interest. A change in approach, different music, books, and activities usually helps. Taking action early is best and taking a break is usually counterproductive. If you decide to take a break from lessons and would like to hold your spot in the studio, you may pay a $75/month holding fee, ensuring you have a slot available for you when you return. Priority scheduling for the fall will be given to those who have taken lessons over the summer or have paid to hold their spot.  


Every student stops taking lessons at some point. Ideally, this decision is made thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure. For this reason, the teacher requires one month’s paid notice prior to discontinuing lessons. Tuition is non-refundable if you choose to discontinue in the middle of the month.

If you are new to the studio the one month's notice of discontinuation is waived if you choose not to continue at the conclusion of the first month. As a courtesy, please let your teacher know at the conclusion of your one-month paid trial whether you will be continuing or discontinuing lessons. 

Note: At the discretion of the teacher, students may be dismissed at any time if they have unpaid tuition, an excess amount of absences/unprepared lessons, show a prolonged lack of interest, or are no longer a good fit for the studio.

Conduct & Learning Environment

The student is responsible for daily practice (including weekends), following specific practice instructions, completing and sending pictures of written work before the next lesson and asking questions when necessary. Your teacher reserves the right to end the lesson early if a student is acting inappropriately or disrespectfully.

Parents agree to provide an appropriate instrument, purchase materials and fees associated with weekly lessons and yearly exams if applicable, observe lessons when necessary, provide expectations of daily practice (students thrive when there is an expected, structured, daily practice time), and above all, positively encourage your child as they grow into their musicianship!

Registration Form

Thank you and I look forward to a great year of making music with you!

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